Tiago Morin is an expert on classical music and computer programming. The combination of these two fields results in beautiful musical scores. These scores allow musicians and singers to read more easily, perform better, and enjoy the experience more.

Tiago Morin has been working in the world of music engraving since 2005 and his expertise covers a wide range of genres: instrumental and vocal western music, choral music, Gregorian chant, and modern music. Some of his notable clients are Duarte Costa Guitar School, José Manuel Mesquita Lopes, Ignacio Rodes and Humberto Amorim. He is currently working on recovering Portuguese Sacred Music with Jonathan Ayerst, director of the group Capella Duriensis.

Tiago Morin also offers music copying and score editing services. Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to send a sample sheet and he will send you back a of the typeset version.

Collaborating with Tiago has been an absolute pleasure. His scores are beautiful creations combining purity of design with diligent scholarship. Nothing is left to chance. One has the impression of infinite care and consideration extended to every aspect of the work. His scores bring a unique level of craftsmanship and quality to the learning and performing experience.” Jonathan Ayerst

Here are some of the scores typeset by Tiago Morin:

Choral Music
Edited document:


Instrumental Music
Edited document:




Gregorian Chant
Processional Tropário de Alcobaça - IN PURIFICATIONE BEATE MARIE

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